Avalon, Catalina Island

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Curtin Maritime

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You can contact Curtin Maritime via email or our website www.CurtinMaritime.com.

Curtin Maritime operates along the West coast of the United States, including the waters of California, Hawaii, Oregon, Washington, and Alaska. Our company has performed ocean towing, salvage, offshore marine terminal overhaul and maintenance, dredging, freight service and other associated work for a variety of customers including the United States Navy, United States Army Corps of Engineers, Port of Long Beach, Beta Offshore, Yenoco, Inc., Exxon Mobil Oil Corporation, and Chevron Corporation.

Sixty percent of the Curtin Maritime team was born and raised on the Island. We are well aware of the unique transportation needs in Avalon.

Curtin Maritime is committed to the long-term well-being of Avalon residents and businesses.

  • Our proposed terminal would be located in Long Beach near the ferry terminal. The location would offer customers the convenience of dropping off personal bulk goods, without requiring an additional 2-mile trip through the heavily trafficked Port.
  • We propose to offer convenient home delivery and pickup services.
  • Our team will design and construct new vessels to meet the needs of Avalon.
  • A weather notification system is incorporated into the plan so we can communicate potential disruptions in service to businesses and residents.
  • At a minimum, we would maintain the rate structure currently in place and add an additional non-scheduled flexible service.

Also of importance, our fleet includes the largest water tanker in the industry that can deliver one million gallons of potable water when needed to Avalon.